Youth activities

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club encourages all youths to get outdoors and learn to fish and hunt. To encourage young people to get outside we have several activities during the year that we either organize ourselves or we help others with. These activities include the High School fishing day in May, the Deer Creek fishing day in August,  the Delta Waterfowl Duck Day in August and we now also have a youth pheasant hunt in October.

On the 5th October 2019, the second Youth Pheasant Hunt was held by the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club.

Eleven Youths and their mentors took part this year and several members from the club either took part in the running of it or came to support this worthy event. Everything from safe gun handling, to shooting the birds, to learning how to clean the birds occurred.

All the youths thoroughly enjoyed the day as did the club members and the instructors. It was a joy to see the youths enjoying taking part. The smiles on the faces of the young hunters said it all. 

The 2020 Youth Pheasant Hunt will take place on the 3rd October 2020, contact the LPAF&G Club for an application form.

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club helped out at the kids fishing day held at Clear Creek Conservation Area on the morning of the 10th August

Over a 150 kids took part and prizes were available for all. The fishing started at 8am and went to 1:30pm. 

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club manned one of the boats on the water and rushed around to help weigh the fish being caught by the kids. Every time one of the kids caught a fish they waved a flag and someone would come over to weigh it, measure it and record the species before they were released again, all this data was entered onto the data sheets and the sheets sent back to the shore to be entered onto the score boards. Most of the fish being caught were Bass, Perch and Trout although several other species were caught as well. Kids were fishing from the shore, by boat and by canoe and many of the younger ones had helpers who made sure that everything went right and to ensure the kids had a fun and safe day while being outdoors and fishing.

High School Fishing Tournament, 10th May

Several club members helped at this event with the weighing in of the fish and also with filleting the days catch for the youths which came from four different local schools. Over 150 youths took part in this, the second annual, event held at Backus. The main catch was the stocked Trout but several Carp, Catfish and other species were also caught. All in all everyone had a very enjoyable day and some of the youths also caught their first ever fish.


Club members weighing in the fish

Club members filleting the fish


Two happy youths with their catch


Some of the 150 youths fishing the south end of Backus mill pond

Youth events

Youth Pheasant Hunt

October Youth Pheasant Hunt

Youth events

Winners at the youth fishing derby

Kids fishing day at Deer Creek PP