Work parties

Members of the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club go out on several days a year to help restore habitat for fish and wildlife. These activities can take the form of cleaning streams, creating brush piles for rabbits, clearing hedges for the NCC or other activities.

We had a work party on the 24 October at the Walsingham Flats Pheasant release site,  several members came out to help and we took off some of the lower 5 foot of the pine branches to increase the visibility for hunter safety when more than one hunter is out there. 

Walsingham Flats before

Walsingham Flats after

Maintaining suitable habitat is a must when considering areas for hunting and for wildlife. As part of its mandate, the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club does habitat maintenance work at various locations to help improve the habitat for wildlife. As we did on the 29th October, the club will be doing habitat work on the 27th November and will be working again on the same area area where pheasants are released into a field and wooded area on the east side of highway 59. This will create a safer hunting environment for the hunters as it will make it safer for hunters to see each other through the gaps between and below the trees when they are hunting in pairs or groups. By removing some of the trees and lopping some of the lower branches to create openings in the wooded areas it will also make it better habitat for the pheasants, the lack of lower branches means more light will come in and more ground cover will be available  for the pheasants to feed in. At the moment the trees are steadily maturing and as the lower branches are touching neighboring trees it makes it almost impossible to see through the leaves and ground cover is being shaded out. All the work is being done under a permit from the LPRCA and the work will be supervised by them.