We are a group of conservationists dedicated to improving the local habitat of fish and wildlife in order to enhance and promote better recreational hunting and fishing opportunities in Norfolk county and the Long Point area.

(updated 24th Sept)


Due to the COVID disruptions and the Health Departments necessary guidelines, the LPAF&G Club has reluctantly decided that due to the current restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather together and due to the uncertainties as to what the early part of 2021 will hold, the LPAF&G Club will unfortunately NOT be holding a yard sale swap this coming February, this cancellation has been done in order to avoid any potential transmission of covid from either us to you or you to us at the swap.    Please stay safe.

We look forward to holding a yard sale swap again when this COVID situation calms down and it is safe once again to do so.



Judging by the number of positive comments from hunters it certainly looks like the 2020 Norfolk County Pheasant release was a hit and a success. The Club would like to express its appreciation to all those who bought a Pheasant licence and for the positive comments given to our members and/or left on our facebook page. The total number of licenses purchased has exceeded the total for last year. Success as always varied by hunter but there were still Pheasants being seen and harvested in the final week of the season. We are already looking forward to continuing the program based on the excellent response from the 2020 pheasant release.



The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club is based in Norfolk County at Port Rowan in Long Point. 

The Clubs activities are hunting, fishing and various conservation activities.  The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club also actively encourage all youths to get out and engage in these worthwhile activities.

Hunters and others should be aware that parts of the St. Williams Conservation Reserve will soon be temporarily closed for logging opertions, for further details see:-


             Norfolk County Pheasant hunting 2020    (updated 24th Sept)


The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club has been helping with the release of some of the Pheasants for many years, but now the Club will now be looking after all of the Pheasant releases, we will also help the County to administer the handling and the sales of the municipal licenses where we can. 

The Norfolk County “PHEASANT AND RABBIT MUNICIPAL LICENSE” is REQUIRED by all hunters who wish to hunt Pheasants or Rabbits in Norfolk County. This County License is required in addition to your MNRF small game hunting license 

Our Club does not sell the actual licensesbut we have instead coordinated with three local businesses and they have agreed to be the vendors for 2020 and will sell the Norfolk County Pheasant and Rabbit licenses, these vendors now have the licenses and they can be bought from them whenever you are want them.

The license being issued will be a paper license not the usual plastic card with a sticker as of recent years, you need to carry this license with you when hunting. 

The licenses costs just $25 and there will be an additional $2 handling and issuing fee charged by the vendors.
All the money collected from the $25 license fee will be used next year to buy the Pheasants for the 2021 release.
The Norfolk County Licenses will NOT be available from the Norfolk County Offices. They will only redirect you to the three vendors listed below who have agreed to be the vendors for the Norfolk County Pheasant and Rabbit licenses for 2020, these vendors now have the licenses and they can be bought from these vendors as soon as you want them. 
H. Stilwell’s Guns & Ammo in Frogmore – ph: 519-875-3321,  
960 Norfolk County Road 28, Frogmore, ON, N0E 1G0 (halfway between Frogmore and Fairground)
Caffrey Hardware and Electric Ltd in Delhi – ph: 519-582-2030,   
122 King Street, Delhi, N4B 1X8 (corner of King and Highway 3 at the traffic lights)
Eli’s Guns & Archery – ph: 519-426-9042,   
316 Queensway West, Simcoe, N3Y 2N1 (opposite the TSC store)
The “Norfolk County Pheasant and Rabbit Licenses” are not available for purchase at any other location than at these three vendors.
Please see our Pheasant Release page for more details and links to the new 2020 pheasant hunting maps


We are now on Facebook, click the facebook logo at the bottom of any of our pages to go to our facebook page.

All Club meetings (including the November one) are now cancelled due to covid concerns

              COVID 19 AND HUNTING/FISHING       (updated 2nd Sept)


Most areas are open for hunting. 


Most or all marinas and boat launches in the area are now open but they may be very busy during peak launching times so be prepared for delays when launching or arriving back. Some restrictions may apply – e.g. you may need to book the ramp, so phone them or check their websites or facebook pages




The OFAh website has several Covid related pages

The MNRF says all hunting and fishing activites and seasons will be open on their respective dates

          The 2020 MNRF hunting regs can be found at  –  https:/files.ontario.ca/mnrf-hunting-regulations-summary-en-2020-04-14.pdf


          Hunting and fishing licences can be obtained online in lieu of picking them up at an issuer







In order to help safeguard our members, hunters, fisher-folk and others, the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club would like to ask all those concerned to please remember to wear a mask and/or stay 6 feet away from each other until this situation is over. 









As a courtesy, please re-check with any private land owner first before you hunt or fish their property at the moment, as they may be less comfortable with people on their properties due to Covid-19, note also that farms in particular may be under quarantine for their recently arrived workers and hunting on the property would not be permissable in that event.







Most of all, please stay safe, stay healthy, keep washing your hands often, wear a mask and keep your distance from others and hopefully things will return to normal soon, until then get out and safely fish and hunt where you can.



Meeting cancelled

The next club meeting that was scheduled for October the 6th @ 3:00pm is now cancelled due to covid concerns

Masks and sanititizer will be provided or bring your own, social distancing will be required and arranged.

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The date for the 2020 yard sale was Saturday the 8th Feb, 2020 at the Port Rowan Community Centre on College Avenue.

Admission was just $4.00 at the door

The doors opened at 8am and the event went till 2pm

Over 400 people attended this years event and 27 different venders had all their goodies spread over their 41 tables.

Next years LPAF&G yard sale (Covid permitting) will be on either the 6th or the 13th February, 2021 so save those two dates for now and check back regularly to find the exact date.

Contact Dave to be put on the table waiting list for next year – david.okines (@) gmail.com (519-586-9464)

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Clubs conservation activities for 2020 which started in January have been put on hold for the foreseeable future due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

The trees and shrubs at one of the Norfolk County Pheasant release sites are starting to become more mature, denser and very overcrowded, so in 2019 the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club enhanced the site (under permit and direction from the LPRCA) by removing some of the trees and also removed some of the lower branches of some of the other trees and shrubs. This will enhance the habitat of the site to allow hunters to have better and safer hunting opportunities for Pheasants. We have already been busy again this year and have done more important habitat restoration at this site on both the 16th January and also on 1st February 2020. More work will be done in the future to help improve this Pheasant hunting area.

On the 5th October 2019 the second Youth Pheasant Hunt was held by the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club.

Eleven Youths and their mentors took part this year and several members from the club either took part in the running of it or came to support this worthy event. Everything from safe gun handling, to shooting the birds, to being shown how to clean the birds occurred.

All the youths thoroughly enjoyed the day as did the club members and the instructors. It was a joy to see the youths enjoying taking part. The smiles on the faces of the young hunters said it all.

The date for the 2020 Youth Pheasant Hunt will be the 3rd October, application forms are available from the club and were also at our Port Rowan Yard Sale back on the 8th February


The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club helped out at the kids fishing day held at Clear Creek Conservation Area on the morning of the 10th August 2019Over a 150 kids took part and prizes were available for all. The club was in their boat on the water and rushed around to help weigh the fish being caught by the kids.

The 2019 Long Point Area Fish and Game Club members day fishing trip was held on the morning of the 2nd July and was a success with several members catching some nice healthy Bass. A BBQ lunch was held at the Delta Waterfowl headquarters at midday and a short members meeting followed the BBQ

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