We are a group of conservationists dedicated to improving the local habitat of fish and wildlife in order to enhance and promote better recreational hunting and fishing opportunities in Norfolk county and the Long Point area.

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club is based in Norfolk County at Port Rowan in Long Point. 

The Clubs activities are hunting, fishing and various conservation activities.  The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club also actively encourage all youths to get out and engage in these worthwhile activities.

Remember there’s still two chances for free fishing this year  –

–    Father’s Day Weekend (June 19 and 20th) and also

–    Ontario Family Fishing Week (July 3rd to 11th) 

Conservation limits apply if you don’t have a full fishing licence

Remember you must carry Government issued ID if you don’t have an Ontario Outdoors card.

The Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada are asking those out hunting turkey this spring to please report the number of Ruffed Grouse that they either flush or hear drumming when turkey hunting this spring. 

Any Ruffed Grouse observations can be submitted by clicking on  the “Messenger” button at the bottom of the Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada – North shore Chapters facebook page –


Alternatively you can email them your observations at –       rgsnorthshorechapter@gmail.com

Can you tell a Grass Carp from a look-alike Carp.    Are you 100% sure?    

Check out the below card for instructions or open the PDF in a new page by clicking “here” to make sure that you can ID it properly

If you do catch a Grass Carp please report it to the Invasive Species Hotline on –

Phone – 1-800-563-7711 or

email – info@invadingspecies.com or

report it via –    EDDMapS.org/Ontario.


But please do not release live Grass Carp back into the water

MNRF 2015 fishing survey results


  • Anglers spent 1.75 billion dollars on trip expenses and investments to fish in 2015.
  • 1.5 million anglers fished in Ontario in 2015; 1.2 million adult anglers over the age of 18 years and 324,000 children.
  • 68% of anglers over the age of 18 years are Ontario residents, 27% originate from the United States and 5% from other provinces.
  • Visitors took 607,000 trips to Ontario to fish, resulting in 1.9 million nights of accommodation.
  • The average age of adult anglers fishing in Ontario is 51 years and 81% are male.
  • Anglers spent 14.4 million days and 74.6 million hours fishing in Ontario.
  • Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron & Georgian Bay, Lake Simcoe, Lake of the Woods, Lake Nipissing, Ottawa River, St. Lawrence River, Grand River, Lake St. Clair and Rice Lake were the most frequently fished water bodies.
  • Walleye is the most targeted species.
  • Anglers caught approximately 72 million and harvested 13 million fish in Ontario.
  • Walleye, bass, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and northern pike were the most caught and harvested species.
  • 79% of anglers reported their fishing experience as excellent, very good or good in Ontario.


For the full survey results see –



(updated 28th May)


Due to the continued COVID disruptions and the Health Departments necessary guidelines, the LPAF&G Club has reluctantly decided that due to the restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather together and due to the uncertainties as to what the rest of 2021 will hold, the LPAF&G Club will unfortunately NOT be holding any club meetings for the foreseeable future.    Please stay safe.

We look forward to holding a yard sale swap again when this COVID situation calms down and it is safe once again to do so.



Judging by the number of positive comments from hunters it certainly looks like the 2020 Norfolk County Pheasant release was a hit and a success. The Club would like to express its appreciation to all those who bought a Pheasant licence and for the positive comments given to our members and/or left on our facebook page. The total number of licenses purchased has exceeded the total for last year. Success as always varied by hunter but there were still Pheasants being seen and harvested in the final week of the season. We are already looking forward to continuing the program based on the excellent response from the 2020 pheasant release.



All Club meetings are cancelled

All club meetings are now currently cancelled due to covid concerns