Nov 27th 2023

We are a group of conservationists, hunters and fishing people who are dedicated to improving the local habitat of fish and wildlife in order to enhance and promote better recreational hunting and fishing opportunities in Norfolk county and the Long Point area.

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club is based in Norfolk County at Port Rowan in Long Point. 

The Clubs activities are hunting, fishing and various conservation activities.  

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club also actively encourages all youths to get out and engage in these worthwhile activities.


The December LPAF&G club members meeting will be held at Collins Marina on Tuesday the 14th of Dec @ 7:30pm

Masks optional

See the meetings page for details


2024 Yard Sale

We have the Port Rowan Community Centre already booked for 2024 for our famous LPAF&G Club Yard Sale.

The date is 10th February 2024. 

Mark it in your calendars now so that you don’t forget the date.

Please Note:- Temporary trail closures in St Williams Conservation Reserve – Turkey Point Tract

The shaded area on the above map is temporarily closed to all purposes (including hunting).

This area is located at the South-East corner of Pheasant release site 6, which is located at 856 Charlotteville Road 2. (the Pheasant release site is the area at the top left corner of the map). 

The actual Pheasant release site is still in full operation though.



2023 Pheasant season

The 2023 Norfolk Pheasant hunting season has begun. 

The season runs from September the 25th to December 31st. Remember. To hunt Pheasant or Rabbit in Norfolk County, you have to buy a Norfolk township licence as well as having a small game tag on your outdoors card.

Please Note:-  there is a major change this year as to where you can get your License –

Due to Eli’s having closed down this year they will not be selling Norfolk Pheasant and Rabbit licenses this year, however, you can now buy them at Canadian Tire in Simcoe

There is also another new vender where you can buy your licence – Triggers and Bows in Burford.

See the pheasant page for more details




Checkout the interesting info page for the start and end dates for this years big game draws and tags and other interesting reading




                            B. Hawke            –                 J. Greenwood                     –               D. Okines                     –               J. Johnson

                            Treasurer                                President                                            Secretary                                Vice President