Pheasant release

Photo by LPAFGC
Photo by LPAFGC
Photo by LPAFGC
Photo by LPAFGC
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Photo by J Hague
                                                             (updated 24th Sept 2020)

Judging by the number of positive comments from hunters it certainly looks like the 2020 Norfolk County Pheasant release was a hit and a big success. License sales were up, and that simply means more money for more Pheasants to be released in the fall of 2021. We would like to heartily thank you all for buying your Pheasant hunting permits and for the positive comments made to both our members and also for those put on our facebook page. We look forward to the fall 2021 release and Pheasant hunt.


In 2020 the Norfolk County Council, as part of the recent cost cutting efforts, was going to axe the Pheasant Release program, the good news is the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club are now helping with the logistical side of it for the County, the County will still run the program but the Long Point Fish and Game Club will be helping the County to reduce its costs by helping with the administration and doing all the releases ourselves. (Link to the Pheasant release article in the OFAH’s magazine)

The Norfolk County Pheasant release program has been operating since the 70’s and the Club was not going to let this important program run by  the Norfolk County lapse without a fight. 

Headed by our President Jim Greenwood, several deputations and meetings were made to Norfolk Council with the result that the Council passed a motion to allow the Club to help them reduce its costs by helping with logistics, the County will still be in control of the program (as it is their by-law). The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club has been helping with the release of some of the Pheasants for many years, but now, the Club will now be looking after all of the Pheasant releases, we will also help the County to administer the handling and the sales of the municipal licenses where we can.

A Norfolk County “PHEASANT AND RABBIT MUNICIPAL LICENSE” is REQUIRED by all hunters who wish to hunt Pheasants or Rabbits in Norfolk County. This County License is required in addition to your MNRF small game hunting license 

Ontario Wildlife Management Unit 90 seasons and limits apply as well as all other requirements as listed in the regulations. Consult the current Hunting Regulations Summary for details (

Our Club has coordinated with three local businesses and they have agreed to be the vendors for 2020 and will sell the Norfolk County Pheasant and Rabbit licenses, these vendors now have the licenses and they can be bought from them whenever you are want them.

The license being issued will be a paper license not the usual plastic card with a sticker as of recent years, you need to carry this license with you when hunting. 

The licenses costs just $25 and there will be an additional $2 handling and issuing fee charged by the vendors.
All the money collected from the $25 license fee will be used next year to buy the Pheasants for the following years release there is no administration fee taken from this money.
The Norfolk County Licenses are NOT available from the Norfolk County Offices. They will only redirect you to these three vendors listed below.
H. Stilwell’s Guns & Ammo in Frogmore – ph: 519-875-3321,  
960 Norfolk County Road 28, Frogmore, ON, N0E 1G0 (halfway between Frogmore and Fairground)
Caffrey Hardware and Electric Ltd in Delhi – ph: 519-582-2030,   
122 King Street, Delhi, N4B 1X8 (corner of King and Highway 3 at the traffic lights)
Eli’s Guns & Archery – ph: 519-426-9042,   
316 Queensway West, Simcoe, N3Y 2N1 (opposite the TSC store)
The “Norfolk County Pheasant and Rabbit Licenses” are not available for purchase at any other location than at these three vendors.

The Long Point Area Fish and Game Club has been helping Norfolk County with the release of Pheasants at select sites across the county since at least the early 1990’s.

All Pheasant releases are located on public lands in Norfolk County. These lands are owned by either Norfolk County or Long Point Region Conservation Authority and are open to the public for Pheasant and Rabbit hunting after you have bought the license (see above).

The release schedule is kept strictly confidential (so please don’t ask). Releases are done most weeks during the open season on varying days and times of day. The number of birds released per site varies and not all sites may receive birds on that particular release. This is done to give all hunters an equal opportunity of a successful harvest.

The Pheasants are released at intervals throughout the hunt period according to the confidential release schedule. Several members of the Long Point Area Fish and Game Club put their names on a list at one of the club meetings and they are called upon by the coordinator to help out as needed, each release has 2-3 members helping out to make each release easier. The pheasants are picked up from the breeder and transported in cages to the release sites with a varying number of pheasants being released at each site on the given release day. Pheasants are usually released each week but the day varies to ensure fairness to all hunters, the exact time in the day of the release varies as well.

The 2020 releases will not take place until the hunting season for Pheasants starts.

Both cock and hen pheasants are released.

You must have a Norfolk County Rabbit and Pheasant licence to hunt rabbits or pheasants in Norfolk County.

Pheasant hunting season is from September 25th to December 31st 2020

The daily hunting limit is 3 (three) of either sex

The possesion limit is 10 (ten) of either sex


Most of the sites used have not changed since last year. The only one on the 2019 maps that has changed is the LPRCA property opposite the Valley Heights School on Highway 59, this site WAS NOT IN USE IN 2020

The replacement site is the Norfolk County Woodlot Forest SW3 which is located on the south west corner of the junction of Concession 6 and the East 1/4 Line Road of South Walsingham. Access to this woodlot is only from the gate on the East 1/4 Line Road, (42 41’27.8 N, 80 29′ 03.7 W), this is just north of the asparagus farm entrance and on the west side of the road.

The 2020 pheasant hunting maps are available. You can click here for the Hunting-Sites-key-2020 or here for the Pheasant-Hunting-Sites-overall-2020.